The b-side of global warming.

June 8th is World Oceans Day — and our sea soup is turning acidic.

What is ocean acidification?

Remind me: what’s pH?

In celebration of Microdosing Day (May 27th)

The Type-A Journey to Microdosing

A natural inclination toward mutual strangulation

What actually happens internally when you quit the meat.

Photo courtesy of Mushroom Design

Bad data in = bad data out

Here is some food for thought:

Eating Animals → Higher Arachidonic Acid (AA)

From scientists, not farmers.

The successful startup secret more valuable than dollars.

We’re so much closer to mushrooms than you think.

On a purely evolutionary basis, mushrooms are closer to us in their evolution than either of us are to plants.

The definition of our digital age.

Ashley Lauren

CEO. Big fan of anything that supports people + planet.

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